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GW Instek PEL-3000H Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

GW Instek introduces new PEL-3000H programmable DC electronic load, which not only inherited functions and features from the PEL-3000 series but providing three current ranges for all PEL-3000H series and adding voltage monitor BNC terminals on the front panel. The PEL-3000H series, a single-channel, programmable D.C. electronic load with 800V and 0.84A/μs current Slew Rate, is ideal for the test of the high voltage devices such as the EV & HEV in-vehicle chargers, DC/DC converters or high-voltage batteries.

With respect to battery testing applications such as rechargeable batteries for electrical tools, battery module and automobile battery, PEL-3000H has three stand-alone models to offer including 175W, 350W and 1050W. By connecting Booster (2100W) units with master units, the maximum load capacity of those models can reach 9,450W. Hence, the PEL-3000H series fulfils various power testing requirements including medium to low-power or high-power power supply.

The PEL-3000H series has seven operating modes and three operating functions. Among the seven operating modes, four of them are basic operating modes, including constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power, and the other three are advanced operating modes including constant current + constant voltage, constant resistance + constant voltage, and constant power + constant voltage. Users must first select operating mode and then operating function based upon the test requirements. Static, Dynamic and Sequence operating functions can be applied to different testing conditions including a fixed load level, switching between two levels or switching among more than two levels. Sequence function is divided into Fast Sequence and Normal Sequence according to the test time of each step. Both Dynamic and Sequence are to assist users to simulate the genuine load change. For instance, PEL-3000H can simulate HEV current consumption to make sure that automobile battery can supply HEV with sufficient power need on the road. By so doing, manufacturers can elevate product quality and reliability.

The adjustable high speed Slew Rate of 0.84A/μs simulates rise and fall speed of different load current so as to test the adequacy of the Response time of power supply. The Soft Start function of the PEL-3000H series can set current rise time for the moment PEL-3000H is turned on to reduce the abnormal situation of the voltage drop of power supply under test. The adjustable Under Voltage Protection (UVP), GO/NO GO voltage input monitoring function, current monitoring function and Timer Function to control load activation time can be jointly applied to the characteristic tests of battery bleeding to avoid battery damage during bleeding operation. Based upon the functionalities described above, the PEL-3000H series can test a vast variety of power supply ranging from the fundamental static sink current to complex dynamic load simulations so as to enhance product quality and reliability.

Front Panel

  1. ON/STBY
  2. LCD Display
  3. Function Keys
  4. Operation Key
  5. Front Panel Input Terminals
  6. V MON, I MON, TRIG OUT Terminals

Rear Panel

  1. Rear Panel Inputs Terminals
  2. Frame Control Ports J1, J2
  3. GPIB
  4. RS-232C Port
  5. USB Port
  6. Variable Resistor